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Nancy B.

"I can’t thank you enough for all your help for our daughter’s wedding in December!  You and your staff were amazing.  My only regret was that we didn’t hire your servers for ALL of the serving duties instead of beverages only.  The venue presented some logistical challenges at the end of the evening but you went above and beyond to help us overcome those challenges.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Sue R.

"Every party that I have attended that included Bonheur White Glove Serving Staff was taken to a whole new level. The hostess was able to truly enjoy her party while every guest was taken care of in the best possible way. Hard working, courteous, attention to detail. Bonheur will make your party or event a truly fabulous experience."


I had a party this weekend and she was SO helpful.  She came early to help with set up, stayed throughout the party continually making sure the food was replenished, the dirty plates were removed and all the guests always had a full drink. Best of all, at the end of the evening, she had put away all the food, cleaned the dishes and the kitchen was spotless!!!  I was able to mingle and enjoy the party and not have to worry about the other stuff.  I cannot tell you how helpful she was!  I encourage everyone to call her when you are hosting an event!  She will not disappoint, I promise!  

Jon W.

"I have attended numerous events staffed by Bonheur White Glove Serving Staff and the service is top notch."

Maureen W.

"Great way to enjoy your own party. Elegant, practical and fun."

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